My Ring Collection (All under $32!)


This past year I’ve become a bit of a ring fanatic.  I think having a different ring on each finger looks eclectic and effortlessly cool. Also, most of the rings I own have a story or memory that I associate with them. Eventually, I want a ring for each finger. As of now, I have six, so I’m getting there! Hope you guys enjoy seeing my rings!


I got this ring at Pike Place market in Seattle. It was the first of my collection. A man had a little stand where he sold handmade rings and this one caught my eye. I love the way the turquoise looks with the gold, and I can tell the craftsmanship is very good. I got this almost a year ago and it shows no signs of tarnishing. Plus, it was only $24!


My second ring is from my favorite store, Madewell, but I got it as a Christmas gift. This particular ring isn’t for sale anymore, but they always have good rings at a reasonable price. I believe this one was $18. I’ve noticed that Madewell rings tend to tarnish quickly, but it makes the edges of this ring kind of rose gold, and I actually like the way it looks!


These two rings I got from an antique store. I highly recommend getting rings from antique stores because they are all unique, they have an excellent selection, and most are very inexpensive. The antique store I got these at had hundreds of rings for sale and they were 2 for $20! If you want to start or add to your ring collection GO TO AN ANTIQUE STORE!!


This eye ring is definitely one of my favorites. It’s modern, but at the same time reminds me of ancient Egypt and alchemy. I got this ring from Madewell as well for $18. It did tarnish a bit, but again, I don’t really mind it. It makes it look more vintage. You can buy this ring here.


Lastly, is this pounded metal leaf ring. This is my most recent purchase, and I absolutely love it! I got this at the Magnolia Store by the Silos in Waco, TX. Honestly, I would buy anything Joanna Gaines designed, but this ring is no exception. This one was $32, but I think it was well worth the price! You can also purchase it online here. 


Comment down below if you like any of these rings, and where you like to buy yours! Also, I would love ideas for more book/beauty/lifestyle related posts! Until next week! πŸ˜‰

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