Welcome to Bookmarks & Bronzer


Hello everyone! I wanted to start out my blog with a post introducing this site, so here we go.

I am an absolute makeup tutorial junky. I could spend more hours than I’d like to admit learning about the trendiest blush or the newest foundation. Watching all these videos inspired me to make my own. However, I didn’t want to leave out my other main passion: books. Recently I’ve started watching BookTubers, and it inspired me to make this blog. I want it to merge the beauty world with the BookTubing world. As of now I won’t be making YouTube videos (mostly because it’s scary!) but I will be writing on this blog regularly.

You can expect to see posts about skincare, makeup, fashion, young adult novels, classics, and poetry. I also want this blog to be a safe place for people to learn and grow, so feel free to leave a comment about your thoughts and impressions about my posts.

Bye for now!

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